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General Civil Litigation, Collection, Magistrate’s Court and High Court Litigation, Settlement Negotiations , Litigation General Civil Litigation, Collection, Magistrate’s Court and High Court Litigation, Settlement Negotiations. Property Transfer General Property Transfer and Registration, Bond Registration and Cancellation, Estate Property Transfer. Trusts Formation of Inter Vivos Trusts, Mortis Causa Trust, Business Trust. Contract Company related agreements, Loan Agreements, Property Contracts, Commercial related agreements, License & Software Agreements, Supply & Distribution Agreements, Universal Partnership Agreements, Antenuptual Contract, Acknowledgment of Debt. Company Law Contracts, Company Registration, Change in Shareholders and Members, Sale of Shares, Re-registration of Company

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We Are PGA, a modern and multi-faceted law firm with a progressive philosophy on our approach to law.

With a offices nationwide boasting a wide array of attorneys, notaries, conveyancers, para-legals, and dedicated administrative support staff we are capable of hanlding matters of any size, both big and small.

A BEE level 1 contributor we are proud to sit on the litigation panel for a number of leading property, banking, and insurance institutions meeting the demands of both public and private sectors.

If you are looking for a firm that will not only lead you on the path to success but will also be by your side for the journey, then look no further.

We Are PGA


Areas Of Practice

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From Magistrate to High Court matters and everything in between

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Company Law

From shareholders agreements to sales of shares, we do it all.


Contract Law

From leases to international agreements, we do it all.

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Wills & Estates

From drafting wills to winding up estates, we are specialists.

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Immigration Law

From Cape to Cairo, we assist you in obtaining citizenship.

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Property Law

From transfers to property disputes, our team can handle it.




With offices nationwide, we can handle any and all litigious matters.



With reported judgements in landmark cases we are leaders in insolvency law.



With reported judgements in landmark cases we are leaders in insolvency law.

Wills & Estates

With offices strategically situated near to the major Masters offices, we are specialists in handling matters of estate



From share agreements, shareholder disputes, to structuring.



All facets of family law, from ANC agreements to divorce orders.

Strategic Partnerships




Preshnee Govender

Inspirational Leadership

Preshnee Govender is the firm bedrock upon which the company is built upon.

Innovative, endearing, and intellectually curious, the firm derives its desire to provide world class legal services from her inspirational leadership.

With specialisations in a wide spectrum of legal fields and years of hands on experience, you could not be in better hands.


Our Leaders


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Mark George

The Future of Law

To succeed in the highly competitive world of law it is necessary not only to be well versed in legal precepts but also to approach each matter with ingenuity.

Mark brings an innovative approach to the manner in which we approach our matters, ensuring that all avenues are exhausted to ensure success.

With specialisation in the execution of business principles and a total of 13 years at PGA, Mark represents the future of how the business of law will be conducted within RSA.





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